Hi there, thanks for stopping by.  

Please, call me Lou.

 I’m the CEO at Alifery Freelance Experts at Gatehouse Legal Recruitment, Host and Producer of Gatehouse Insights and #AskGatehouse,

But let’s rewind to 2009. If you’d told me then that in less than 10 years I’d be revolutionising the way legal talent is regarded in Australia, I wouldn’t have believed you.

At the time I was a graduate accountant, ready to put my analytical brain to task in what seemed like a logical career choice. There are many accountants out there who love accounting, and more power to them. For me, accounting was boring, but I stuck it out for a few years.

In 2013 the opportunity to establish Gatehouse arose and I leapt at the chance. I’m not only responsible for marketing, finance and business development, but also for the growth of each member in my team. The role has opened up other opportunities in the industry and allowed me to explore my passions.

My passions include creating beautiful spaces (physical and virtual), facilitating connection, and regularly combining the two! I love connecting people to their perfect role, other people and to their own dreams and desires.

What keeps me energized is creating for the benefit of others. At the risk of sounding cliché, I believe life is too short to be wasted. It’s too short for an individual to be working in the wrong job/industry/country, or simply engaging in activities that aren’t beneficial in some way.

Apart from creating, my favourite things in life make up an increasingly random collection of food, objects and activities. I love sweets, marketing, hikes, travelling, recruitment, motocross riding and dogs. (Husband, are you reading this? You know I’ve been waiting for 13 years for my dog!)

I’m always open to collaboration, so please get in touch by tweeting @louisehvala or sending me a message. You just never know what we could achieve by working together.  

I look forward to connecting soon.

Lou x