Louise HvalaComment

Why do companies and firms need freelance legal experts and how do they use them?

Louise HvalaComment
Why do companies and firms need freelance legal experts and how do they use them?

There are two main reasons why companies and law firms are using freelance legal experts and that is because:

  1. There is a shortage of high quality experienced legal talent in the market; and

  2. The need for legal experts to share knowledge and to help with making the right decisions quickly.

Today, it is taking companies and firms three to six months (sometimes longer) to attract and secure permanent legal talent for their teams, which is resulting in further stress and pressure for companies and firms, as they are unable to deliver on the demands of their clients.

Their current teams are overworked, which is resulting in further burnout and lawyers leaving the legal profession all together, because they feel that the workloads are unsustainable and unrelenting – which they are!

While recruitment firms and HR managers continue to scout out permanent legal talent, Alifery Freelance Lawyers can fill in operational gaps with a “temporary” freelance lawyer by giving companies and firms access to expert lawyers (some of which were former Managing Partners of law firms and General Counsels of ASX Listed Companies) within the market fast.  

Just in the same way a platform like Airbnb connects travellers around the world with the best places to stay and Uber connects riders with drivers, Alifery Freelance Lawyers is simplifying and accelerating the search for access to highly experienced freelance legal experts which can be trusted.

This is allowing companies and firms to take the heat off their current teams and retain their existing employees, whilst searching for permanent employees.  In addition, Alifery allows these companies and firms to take on more work without the need to hire a permanent employee.

Some companies and firms are using Alifery Freelance Lawyers because they are wanting to be able to be brought up to speed quickly on a particular matter or an area of law and they don’t have the expertise amongst their ranks, others want to be able to broaden the scope of services they provide to their clients, and others are needing a second opinion from an external legal expert .   

We are even seeing the trend of peer to peer reviews.  The need for an expert freelance lawyer is varied, from a quick phone call to ask a question, to ongoing support and even long term projects.

Companies and firms are becoming more open to the way these expert legal freelancers work, which is not the typical 9-5 sitting in the office at a desk. There is a more efficient and effective ways to work these days and resource your teams, as opposed to burning teams out or providing the wrong advice to a client.