Louise HvalaComment

Businesses are enhancing the skills and expertise of their workforce by engaging freelance experts.

Louise HvalaComment
Businesses are enhancing the skills and expertise of their workforce by engaging freelance experts.

Work as we know it is going through a fundamental transition, a dramatic shift. More and more businesses are turning to freelance experts to not only fill a shortage of talent but to help them make better decisions in super quick time.

It’s not just seasoned professionals taking advantage of this work shift, but graduates and young professionals are building successful careers by bringing new life and knowledge to the market.

Freelance experts have increased tenfold over the past decade. According to Legal Business World, between 20 to 40 percent of the legal workforce will be freelance by 2023. This growing market (across all professional industries) allows businesses to choose experts for their skillsets, interests and those that fit with their way of working – via a so-called expert economy.

The expert economy is a relatively new term used to describe the growth of experts being sought by companies that need them, when they need them. Unlike the conventional gig economy, this growing expert economy pays people well for doing what they know, what they love and what they do best.

Digitization, automation and acceleration have all had a hand in transforming the workplace as we know it and in solidifying a successful sharing economy. The rise of this economy has given license to experts of all ages, abilities and experience to find their niche and to build a successful career.

According to REC, the use of freelancers is on the rise. Recruiters and hiring managers are enhancing the skills and expertise of their workforce by engaging freelance experts for both short and long-term projects. Recent research collected in the United States shows that nearly 60 percent of businesses use flexible workers for more than six months at a time.

Today, it takes successful companies between three to nine months to attract and secure permanent talent, which is placing an exceptional strain on their teams and their clients.

While recruitment firms and HR managers scramble to find permanent talent, Alifery is a leading online platform connecting experts with businesses which fills operational gaps with a “temporary” freelance expert at the click of a button. In the same way Airbnb connects travellers with the best places to stay or Uber connects riders with drivers, Alifery Freelance Experts connects businesses with experts that can be trusted.

We have devised three important steps to ensure businesses reap the rewards of the freelance market by providing access to skilled vetted talent, tailored work to meet business needs and reduced overheads.

Not only is freelance work proving fruitful for remote workers, but it’s paying off for businesses too. The freelance route is now seen as attractive and aspirational, a profession which allows lawyers to work for big clients on their own terms, and vice versa.

With that in mind, there are many benefits to businesses taking advantage of the freelance workforce – lower costs, limiting payroll, global reach, quality of workers, access and risk reduction. Even though freelancers charge a higher rate, businesses save between 20 to 30 percent on all other costs associated with hiring. Eliminating health insurance, expenses, retirement funds and other benefits save businesses millions each year. Plus, freelancers can be hired when they are needed, and for how long they are needed for. It’s a win-win situation for everyone concerned.

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