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Alifery Freelance Experts explained: How we bring access to freelance experts to companies.

Louise HvalaComment
Alifery Freelance Experts explained: How we bring access to freelance experts to companies.

Companies are now able to tap into highly skilled experts on demand via the so-called expert economy, and it is estimated that by 2025 online talent platforms could add $2.7 trillion to global GDP.

Gig platforms have drastically changed and enhanced the accessibility of freelance experts to companies in need of short-term specialised expertise, whereby the knowledge doesn’t exist in-house, or it doesn’t make business sense for a company to hire the expertise on a full-time basis.

Today, leading Fortune 500 companies and start-ups are adopting and capitalising on platforms like Alifery to enhance their capabilities and boost their internal workforce, providing companies a fresh viewpoint and objective from an experienced outsider who understands their business landscape, which in turn is allowing them to move with the speed that is needed to remain competitive and innovative in the current global business setting.

What is Alifery and how is it different?

Alifery is an online marketplace, dedicated to the expert economy, that connects high-level experts to innovative and progressive businesses, ensuring companies are being paired with the right subject matter expert quickly in a setting both parties can trust and rely upon.

While LinkedIn and Google offer a never-ending list of possibilities, the real challenge for companies is how do they find the expertise they need. Alifery is removing this challenge and acts a little like a private head-hunter, scouting out the best expert for a project.

Experts registered on Alifery have an average of 15 years’ experience and are specialists in their fields, ranging from former General Counsels, Managing Partners, CEOs, Directors and Board Advisors. These are highly-accomplished professionals, who are either still employeed on a full time basis or have taken up freelance on a more permanent basis and who have the power and choice to work on short-term projects, attend to a one-hour phone call or support a business regularly by providing their specialist know-how and skills to help enhance a company’s objectives.

Alifery is targeted towards the high-end expert economy, providing companies with expertise in the following areas: legal, business consulting, accounting, finance, mentors and board advisory.

What are the different types of appointments?

Companies can engage a freelance expert on a range of activities including:


  • Private phone call: experts are available for private phone calls to assist companies with decisions or to fill in knowledge gaps.

  • Round-tables: a closed discussion between a select group of people who require specialist insight. Round-tables can be performed in person or over the phone.

  • In person meetings: experts are available for in-person meetings to receive insight relating to decision making or to fill in knowledge gaps.

  • Training and professional development: experts can conduct training and professional development workshops onsite or offsite, to bring teams up to speed.

  • Short term and long-term placements: experts can assist with increased workloads or fill operational gaps and projects can vary from one day to 12 months.

  • Corporate Secretarial: experts can provide company secretarial services to ensure compliance with the Corporations Act, ASX Listing Rules and other relevant legislation.

  • Board Placements: experts can provide organisations with operational and board roles at short notice.

  • Mentoring: experts can provide knowledge and expertise to others who require mentoring.

What are the benefits to companies?

There are several reasons why Alifery is highly attractive to companies as it:

  • Provides companies access to top freelance experts in Australia, on demand, who are highly specialised in their areas of concern.

  • Allows companies to significantly reduce transaction and start-up costs, which enables companies to access experts on an as needs basis.

  • Simplifies and accelerates the search for experts who can be trusted and relied upon. All experts registered with Alifery have been vetted to ensure that companies are accessing the best talent in Australia.

  • Allows companies to access experts for projects that have a shorter scope and length.

  • Allows businesses to increase their capacity to take on new projects, while still being able to remain flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of their business market.

  • Provides access to experts who don’t need to learn on the job, unlike traditional consulting firms which have high overheads, inexperienced teams and lack of flexibility.

  • Allows companies to tap into human intelligence, which essentially is the real competitive edge in the digital age.

What are the benefits to freelance experts?

There are several reasons why Alifery is highly attractive to experts as it allows them to:

  • Pursue their own stream of exciting projects and clients.

  • Get paid to share their experiences and life lessons with others who need it most.

  • Give back to others and add more value to companies.

  • Work flexibly from where they want.

  • Take time off to travel the world or to look after children or other family members.

  • Pursue other interests and hobbies.

  • Keep as current as they can in their area of expertise and not fall behind.

What is the meaning of Alifery?

Adjective | Meaning: having wings

We are often asked what the name Alifery means. Alifery comes from the latin word ‘aliferous,’ which means having wings and we wanted a name that would represent freedom and flexibility in the sense that experts and companies have the freedom and flexibility to work with people they choose in a way that works best for both parties.

We believe that Alifery gives freelance experts the ability to take flight, be free and work differently while providing companies with access to the right insight at the right time delivered in the right format.

Find out more about Alifery or register an account as an expert or client.